Together with graphic designstudio Bergen and furniture designer Fredrik Paulsen I made the set design for Familjen artworks. Graphic design: Bergen, Photography: Märta Thisner.

Trondheimsgatan 26

The social sculpture and exhibition Trondheimsgatan 26 is a flat in Husby outside Stockholm. It was a meeting point between Dec 08-March 09 for various activities were the flat itself was the inspiration. Poster made in collaboration with Lina Åberg.

Robyn — Body Talk Pt.1

Logo collage created for Robyns album Body Talk Pt 1 in collaboration with Ellinor Eklund. Stop Motion Directed by Blip Boutique. Art direction by Mary Fagot. Images shot by Ola Bergengren.

Robyn "Dancing on my own" set design.

Set Design for "Dancing on my own", official video, for Robyn made together with Ellinor Eklund.

I'm Your Body

I'm Your Body is a pervasive game in which people can interact with urban space in a new way. The game is developed by artist Johanna Gustafsson Fürst and Mobile Life for Kista Theatre. I made the graphic design for the digital tool together with graphic designer Lina Åberg.

De bästa texterna från skunk.nu

Book cover for skunk.nu — A selection of the best texts from the web community between 1998 and 2010. The classic quirky logo and simple default layout of the posts definitely deserved the front cover. 

Robyn — World Tour

Set design for Robyn's World Tour 2010 in collaboration with Ellinor Eklund.


Identity, package design and website for Wonderwall.se.

Around The World Lap 2

12 Swedish folk dancers in a remake of the Daft Punk video Around The World by Michel Gondry.

Music by Assid, Photography: Frida Wendel.